The Michal Motil design style is delicate handmade evening wear, intricately constructed from small and light pattern pieces that give motion to the fabric. The precision work creates clothing of the highest handmade quality.  The dzutik collection is a collection of treasure – carefully made from silk, dyed in jewel tones set off by black, and sparkling with Swarovski crystals that are applied to the fabric without glue or sewing.  The designer finds inspiration in nature, and the effects of the elements on landscapes, water and sand nature’s seasonal colors.

 The designer collaborated with jewelry designer Sharon Vaizer for this runway presentation.  Sharon designs and develops unique materials both for textile and jewelry, a perfect complement to Michal Motil, a promising couture designer. 

Following the thrill of watching their collection walk the runway at Tel Aviv Fashion Week, they both look forward to expanding their reach abroad, both in training and inspiration as well as sales, and are working to open their own boutiques in fashion capitals of the world.  For now, the designers live and breathe fashion, translating every scene they encounter, whether in nature or in the city, clean or dirty, beautiful or ugly into their clothing and jewelry.